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Phoenix Glass is Knoxville's finest windshield, door and back glass replacement auto glass service center Phoenix Glass, before and after windshield replacement Phoenix Glass, before and after windshield replacement
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Confucius say, smart cookie call Phoenix glass The Phoenix Glass service center is handicap friendly
Our Service Center is Handicap Friendly!
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After hours you can drop your vehicle off at our location at you convenience more info  more info more info  more info more info  more info
We also offer mobile on site windshield replacement service. On   most   vehicles   we   come   right   to   your   home   or   office   to   replace   your   windshield,   door,   quarter   or   rear windshield   glass.   Our   auto   glass   technicians   are   equiped   with   the   proper   tools   and   parts   to   make   sure   that your   vehicle   is   in   better   condition   when   we   finish   than   it   was   when   we   started.   Most   importantly,   all   of   our work carries a lifetime warrenty on workmanship and defects to asure your satisfaction.
Friendly, Knowledgeable Customer Service Our   friendly   and   knowledgeable   auto   glass   technicians   and   customer   service   staff   are   dedicated   to   providing you   with   fast,   quality   service   right   from   the   start.      They   will   answer   your   questions,   handle   the   details   with your   insurance   company   and   get   your   vehicle   scheduled   for   an   in   shop   or   mobile   onsite   windshield   repair   or replacement in a manner that is easiest for you or best for your vehicle.
Important Windshield Safety Facts You Should Know! 10% of all accidents are vehicle rollovers that cause almost 11,000 annual fatalities The FMVSS 216 Standard says that a roof must sustain no greater than a 5” crush when one and a half times the vehicle weight is applied to the “A” pillar Vehicle occupants held inside the vehicle have a 25% greater chance of escaping injury 75% of occupants ejected from their vehicles are fatalities Passenger Airbags use your windshield for a backstop and can only function properly if the windshield remains in place during a crash Click the link below to see a crash test video of your vehicles make and model.
Large Auto Glass Inventory We   stock   and   have   access   to   thousands   of   OEM   new   replacement   windshields,   doors,   vents,   quarter   and   rear window   back   glasses   as   well   as   many   other   auto   glass   parts   and   accessories   for   all   major   makes   and   models of domestic and foreign cars.  Classic car windshields and back glass parts and accessories are also available.
We are an approved windshield repair and replacement center with all insurance carriers and we can invoice them directly.
Products and Services that we offer: Free Windshield Repair and New Windshield Replacement Estimates Mobile On site Service Approved by ALL Insurance Companies We use only OEM windshields as well as OEM materials for installations when possible Windshield Repair and Replacement Door, Vent, Quarter, Back Glass repair and replacement Automotive Side and Rear View Mirrors Windshield and Back Glass Molding Replacement Door Glass adjustment and repairs Heavy Equipment, Windshields, acrylic and gaskets Fleet accounts welcome Reseal Leaking windshield, back glass and side windows Install Customer Windshield and side window glasses Minor Scratch removal Lifetime Warranty
Trust your next new windshield or auto glass replacement to the experts at Phoenix Glass!
You can rest assured when a Phoenix Glass technician begins   work   on   your   vehicle   that   he   or   she   is   a   trained   and   certified   auto   glass   professional   who   uses   only OEM   and   OEE   replacement   windshields   approved   by   the   Department   of   Transportation   and   follows   windshield installation   procedures   and   uses   OEM   materials   that   strictly   meet   all   Federal   Motor   Vehicle   Safety   Standards as well as the automobile manufacturer’s guidelines.
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