In North America, BETASEAL adhesives are used in 98 percent of all vehicle production. In North America, BETASEAL adhesives are used in 98 percent of all vehicle production.
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BETAPRIME ™ primers come in a variety of formulations with optimum benefits for specific applications
BETACLEAN ™ cleaners provide   advanced   surface   preparation   and   are   a   vital   part   of   the   adhesive   repair   process   for   direct   glazing,   as   well   as   sealing   and   bonding of   body   panel   repairs.   Additionally,   BETACLEAN   can   be   used   to   remove   excess   incured   adhesives   from   a   variety   of   finished   and   unfinished surfaces.
BETASEAL ™ urethane adhesives are   used   to   originally   install   windshields   in   nearly   all   domestic   automobiles   and   two   thirds   of   all   vehicles   manufactured   worldwide.   All Aftermarket   BETASEAL   adhesives   are   FMVSS   crash   proven   and   meet   long-term   durability   requirements   for   structurally   bonded/direct glazed   automotive   glass,   such   as   windshields,   back   windows,   quarter   glass   and   other   stationary   glass.   They   also   are   used   for   attaching hardware to glass and backfilling to install reveal mouldings or other trim.
Dow Automotive provides the specific products that do a better job. Each   product   is   designed   especially   for   Aftermarket   replacements   and   help   the   technician   improve   all   aspects   of   cleaning,   application   and clean up.  All products are compatible with every BETASEAL ™ adhesive system.
Open Cell Foam is Specified in Ford Carlite Tech Bulletins because it permits moisture to pass through it which promotes adhesive curing.
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