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Aquapel windshield treatment allows you to see clearly and drive safer
We carry a complete line up of Windshield Treatments made by Aquapel
prevents fog and steam from forming on INTERIOR glass surfaces. Less condensation and fogging means improved visibility. The ready-to-use fluid is sprayed directly onto the surface being treated, or onto a cloth or paper towel, then just wiped and allowed to dry. Aquapel ® Anti-Fog Interior Glass Treatment is available in a 3.5oz pump spray bottle, or 9oz trigger spray bottle
Aquapel anti fog interior windshield and glass treatment
PPG Aquapel®  Rain Repellent Glass Treatment One Applicator treats an average Windshield Ultimate Water Repellent!  Winterize your Windshield! When you experience reduced vision driving in the rain, especially at night - there is a solution!  Aquapel PPG Aquapel Glass Treatment Facts and Application Designed   for   professional   application   on   windshields,   side   windows,   rear   windows,   glass   mirrors   or   any   other   glass   surface,   Aquapel   Glass   Treatment   is   a long-lasting   glass   treatment   that:      Repels   rain   for   remarkably   improved   vision,   Makes   it   easier   to   clear   ice,   snow,   and   even   dirt   and   bugs,   Reduces   glare   in the   rain,   especially   at   night.      PPG’s   Aquapel   Glass   Treatment   forms   a   chemical   bond   with   the   glass   which   increases   water   repelliency,   causing   it   to   bead   and easily   shed   off   the   glass.      These   fluorinated   compounds   apply   in   just   minutes   to   a   clean,   dry   windshield   or   any   exterior   glass   surface,   and   last   up   to   six times longer than silicon-based products.
Exclusive ammonia free formula sprays on and wipes off easily. Easy-to-use, fast-acting foam clings to vertical surfaces - no running, no dripping, no streaking. Cleans thoroughly and dries quickly. Contains no ozone-depleting chemicals Leaves no film Fresh, clean aroma Safe on acrylics, polycarbonates, and other nonporous surfaces AQUAPEL ® Aerosol Glass Windshield Cleaner cleans and polishes automotive glass and mirrors, and is safe to use on fiberglass, laminates, vinyl, and other nonporous surfaces. Effective on appliances and fixtures, too. The ammonia-free formula uses denatured alcohol to clean thoroughly and dry quickly, leaving a pleasant, clean aroma.
Aquapel Glass Windshield and glass Cleaner
Aquapel windshield and glass cleaner
PPG Aquapel© Rain Repellent Treatment One Applicator treats an average windshield Ultimate Water Repellent! Winterize your Windshield! When you experience reduced vision driving in the rain, especially at night - there is a solution! Aquapel
PPG Aquapel, rain repellent windshield treatment
Aquapel Premium Windshield Washer Fluid
AQUAPEL ® Premium Windshield Washer Fluid and De-Icer uses advanced Water Beading Technology to help keep the windshield clean and clear in wet and snowy conditions. Improved visibility means safer driving.  And it's ready to use - the fluid goes directly into the windshield washer reservoir. It won't harm the vehicle's finish, and it won't freeze in the reservoir.
Aquapel premium windshield washer fluid
Aquapel ® Anti-Fog Interior Glass Treatment
Benefits of using Aquapel©: Dramatically improves visibility in rain! Lasts up to 6 times longer than other products! Repels rain, snow and sleet! Makes it easier to clear ice, snow and even dirt and bugs! Aquapel forms a chemical bond with glass, unlike other products that simply coat glass Developed by PPG Industries, Leaders in Glass Technology Used by Professionals
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